Muggardt and Vicinity
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Black Forest        east of Muggardt

Britzingen            1 mile south                            Basel, CH          28 miles  south    

Müllheim             4 miles south                           Mulhouse, F       12 miles west    

Badenweiler        3 miles south-east                    Colmar, F          19 miles nord-west 

Staufen               5 miles north                            Strassburg, F      62 miles north      

Freiburg             16 miles north-east                    Rhein                  5 miles west   

Lörrach              22 miles south                           Kaiserstuhl         13 miles north







The two villages, Britzingen and Muggardt, belong together..
Britzingen is a well known wine- and vacation resort with lots of private places to stay and some good restaurants.  The Winzergenossenschaft Britzingen, a local wine cartel, and the private wine cellars of the Behringer family, produce a fine wine. They have customers as far away as Japan.  Wine cellar tours and wine tasting are being held regularly during the summer months. You can visit the homepage of Muellheim to find more details about events and places to stay.










In the heart of the Markgraefler county is the city of Muellheim.  It used to be an independently governed city but is now being centrally governed by the governing body known as "Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald", which has its seat in Freiburg.  The villages that belong to Muellheim are also governed by Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald.  Muellheim is the cultural- and shopping center for the nearby villages.  Sport, leisure, and culture are an important factor in Muellheim.  
You will find more details by visiting the homepage of Muellheim.











The vacation resort, Badenweiler, is located at the foot of the Blauen.  The town is well known for its thermal springs, health spas and Roman ruins, which are located below the castle in the park where also cultural events and concerts are being held.  From Badenweiler, many trails are leading into the Black Forest.  The newly renovated public pool pulls many visitors during the hot summer months.
Badenweiler's website will give you more detailed information.










Beautifully situated, the gate to the Muenstertal und Black Forest and known worldwide through Goethe's "Dr. Faust", presents Staufen itself as a city of culture, with many events for artists, musicians, and historians.
In the auto free pedestrian area are shops, restaurants and cafes between colorful buildings.   A wine well in the center of town serves to introduce the visitor to the local wine which is grown on the castle hill and the surrounding vineyards. And high above town are the castle ruins for whos baron once 
Dr. Faust had worked.  In the center of town, there still is the Gaststaette "Zum Loewen" where, according to Goethe's Dr. Faust, the devil broke the neck of Dr. Faust, after the pact he made with the devil matured. Visit the website of Staufen to find out more.











For the universitiy city of Freiburg, one should take some time.  Freiburg has just about everything a big city has to offer.  Theater, concerts, sport events, fairs and exhibitions, as well as Germany's most popular TV show, "Wetten dass...", is held once a year at the fairgrounds.  The market around the muenster (famous gothic church dating back to the year 1200 a.Chr.),  and the muenster, are a big attraction.  Especially, the sausage stands which sell their original "white" and "red" sausages should not be missed.

The big shopping street is the Kaiser-Joseph Strasse where all the major stores, such as Karstadt, Kaufhof etc. are located.  Along the side of many streets are the famous "Baechle".   These are small water streams about half a foot deep.  Be careful!  Many a visitor who didn't look where he or she was walking, became a victim of these Baechle.  

From Freiburg you can take excursions into the high Black Forest.  By train you can enjoy the beautiful scenery as you drive towards "Titsee" and "Schluchsee" through the "Hoellental".  At Titisee, you can change trains and continue towards Donaueschingen, the birthplace of the "Danube".  The well is in the middle of a park near downtown.  More about Freiburg, you will find by visiting its website.  










This small city is located in the south along the Swiss border.  Well worth visiting is the historic castle "Roetteln" at the north end of the city.

From Loerrach, you can also get quickly into the high Black Forest by driving along the small river "Wiese" which leads you through the "Wiesental" valley to the highest peak of the Black Forest, the "Feldberg".  Visit Loerrach's website to find out more about this city. 











Just a few kilometer from Freiburg is the "Kaiserstuhl", in the middle of the German part of the Rhine valley.  This 1640 feet high volcanic mountain is full of vineyards and is well known for excellent wine which is produced in small wine villages and big wine cellars.  Its also one of the warmest regions in Germany.  In the south west corner along the Rhine is the former emperor city "Breisach".  You can see the old church on the hill from far away.  From Breisach, you can cross the Rhine into France, Colmar, and the Vosges.  You can also take boat trips on the Rhine or, if you are a bicycling fan, drive along the Rhine trail for many miles.  









Der Rhein  

The river Rhine, one of the most important rivers and waterways in Europa is, in the west, the border of France and Germany and, in the south, the border between Germany and Switzerland.  Once there was a lot of ship traffic on the Rhine.  After the second world war, about 50 years ago, France build a canal along its side of the border and diverted the water and the ships from the Rhine through the canal.  Since then the Rhine, in these parts, does not hold enough water to carry big ships.  It is now mostly used for various types of water sport.  In the bushes along the banks of the Rhine, many bird species have made their home. 

To get to France, you must first cross the Rhine and then the Rhine canal. From Muellheim-Neuenburg you cross by taking the autobahn in the direction of Lyon.  From Breisach, a country road will take you to France.










About 28 miles south of Muggardt is the Swiss city of Basel.  You get there by driving on the autobahn A5 or the country road B3.  In Weil am Rhein, you cross over to Switzerland and Basel.  If you keep driving on the autobahn (freeway) in Switzerland, you need to buy a vignette at the border.  Swiss freeways are not free.  Country roads are free.  
Through the middle of Basel flows the Rhine.  Both parts of Basel are connected by a few bridges across the Rhine.  The downtown is on the south side of the Rhine.  There you will also find the famous zoo with its exotic animals.  Basel, like Freiburg, offers everything a big city has to offer - theaters , concerts, fairs and exhibitions -  but it has also a lot of industy.  Basel's website will give you more information.  












About 15km west of Muellheim is the French city of Mulhouse.  There is a lot of traffic between these two cities.  Many French people come across the border to shop in Germany the things that are more expensive in France.  The Germans are doing the same.  The large shopping mall near Mulhouse is known for their large choice of different cheeses and French wine.  If you know a little French, you have an advantage.  Not all French people speak English.  A must for every visitor to Mulhouse is the auto museum for vintage cars.  Check out Mulhouse's website for more information.











Almost opposite of Freiburg, in France, is the city of Colmar.  It is a little smaller than Mulhouse, but has a beautiful downtown with many old restored half-timbered houses.  The many small outside cafes and restaurants attract many vistiors.  Colmar is also the gate to the vosges.











This French city is known for the "Europaparlament" and the large gothic cathedral in the middle of the city.  To see and get to know Strasburg, you need one to several days.  Also, the vicinity of Strasburg is worth a visit.  Strasburg's website will give you more information.