Black Forest

Müllheim with Niederweiler, the Roemerberg, Oberweiler, Schweighof and Belchen in the Background.
Only a few minutes by car from Muggardt are the nicest parts and highest mountains of the Black Forest.  
Hier is a description of a few:

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At an altitude of about 3821 feet, is in the southern part of the Black Forest, just behind Muellheim and Badenweiler, the Blauen.  A 5 mile paved road leads to the top and ends at the Hotel Blauen.  From there you have a fabulous view over the Black Forest and the Rhine valley.  When the air is clear, you can see the Alps of France, Switzerland and even Austria.  This is also a good starting place for hang gliders and paragliders.











The Belchen (4637 feet) is known as the most beautiful mountain in the Black Forest.  From Muggardt you get to the top in about 45 minutes on a paved road.  Unfortunately, in the summer months, you must park your car a few miles below the mounten top and take a lift to the top, or hike.  This is apparently to protect the mountain from the evils of carbon monoxide.  The Belchen top is already above tree line, but from up there you have a super panoramic view.  If the air is clear, you can see the alps from Austria, Switzerland and France as if they are just a stone throw away.  There are also some beautiful trails for hiking.  In the Belchenhof restaurant, just below the summit, you can regenerate by food and drink.  If you plan to hike, it is recommended to wear good shoes.  












The highest mountain in the Black Forest is the Feldberg (4897 feet).  From Muggardt it will take about one hour to reach the summit.  On the way there, you will drive through the beautiful Muenstertal past many typical and old Black Forest houses with their large roofs.  From the parking area, just below the summit, you can take a gondola to the peak, or hike the short distance if you feel fit and have the time.  The Feldberg, like the Belchen, is above tree line.  The Feldberg is the skiing paradise of the Black Forest.  The skiing season is from December to April.











The Schauinsland (4211 feet), which is just to the south east of Freiburg, can be reached from Freiburg with a tram, or you can drive from Muggardt though the Muenstertal and reach it from the south side.  There is also a paved road to the top, but this road is not always open to the public.  Many years ago, this road was a well known race track for motorcycles.  From the Schauinsland you can watch the controversial huge wind vanes which were installt in the year 2003 to produce electricity.  Many people think they spoil the Black Forest scenery.












Titisee is the biggest natural lake in the Black Forest.  It is located at an altitude of about 2952 feet and only a few kilometers north of the Feldberg.  The town at the north end of the lake is also called Titisee.  It has a lot to offer to the visitor with its many good restaurants and hotels.  On the lake you can rent boats, or take part on a cruise around the lake.  A beautiful natural swimming pool is located on the west shores of the lake.  From Freiburg you can reach Titisee either by car or by train through the beautiful Hoellental.  During the Winter, nicely groomed cross country skiing trails lead around the lake.  A few kilometers east, in Titisee-Neustadt, is the famous ski jump where every December the ski jumping world cup is being held.  If by chance, there is no snow, it will be bought in Switzerland and carried to the mountain by trucks for about 250,000 Euro.  











The lake Schluchsee is located a few miles east of Titisee.  It can be reached by car or train from Freiburg.  It has some nice sandy beaches and is very popular in the summer for swimming and sailing.  You can also rent various types of boats by the hour.  The town, also called Schluchsee, is similar to Titisee but smaller and has some nice cafes and restaurants.